Travel Books

  • Backpack and Canoe

    Join Barbara and Henry as they explore some of the beautiful places: Iceland’s Thorsborn Trail, Canyonlands in Utah, Australia’s Hinchinbrook Island, a walk in Tuscany from Florence to Sienna, The Dingle Way in Ireland, Banff National... Read More

  • Backpack and Canoe 2

    Travel again with Barbara and Henry to more of the beautiful places: Two Alaskan rivers above the Arctic Circle, Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies, 100 miles on the Missouri River in Montana, and other unusual locations...Read More

  • Travel Junkies III

    OThe Travel Junkies are in New Zealand tramping three days on the Kaikoura Coast Walk and five days on the Queen Charlotte Way, biking for five days on the Otago Central Rail Trail, and generally exploring the South Island,...Read More

  • A Trip to New Zealand

    In Australia we learned that 20 days is not enough time to explore a land on the other end of the Earth. While we worked full time jobs, taking the six weeks we thought we needed for travel was not possible. But...Read More


  • Young and Single in NYC

    Young and Single in New York City tells the story and loves of a bright, talented and conflicted college student during that tumultuous mid-1960s. The time of the great East Coast blackout, the Vietnam War, the early birth control pill,...Read More

  • The Trigamist

    The year is 1966 and 2008. The sins of Henry’s youth have returned to entangle his present. What happens when you learn that an old Mexican divorce is not legal? Or two divorces? In more hot water than any bigamist, Henry is a trigamist...Read More

  • Hippie Years on the Farm

    In the 1970s Henry and his family leave New York City to seek a life closer to the Earth on a farm in Western New York State. Their attempt to live the hippie life is humorous and tragic as they learn you cannot hide from the complexities...Read More

  • Ghosts, Spirits and Palm Readers

    Before you ask - yes, these ghost, spirit and palm reader stories are true. And no, I cannot explain them. I am a rational man with no beliefs in anything but what we see around us. And yet there are happenings in my life which I cannot...Read More

  • Poems

    Take a journey with Henry through his personal world. These poems explore the links between past and present, the complexities that limn the...Read More