Medical - Nursing

  • Under the Nurse's Cap

    Henry Intili entered nursing school at the age of 45. Under The Nurse’s Cap is the story of how he decided to embark on the journey through the turbid waters of nursing school and his many adventures along the way as the oldest person in...Read More

  • The Weenie Clinic

    My first two years out of RN-BSN nursing school were spent in the office of a men’s sexual dysfunction clinic. The Weenie Clinic is a collection of humorous stories about the staff and patients in the clinic, their problems and cures...Read More

Historical Fiction

  • Anello and the Garibaldi Reunion

    Anello and The Garibaldi Reunion tells the story of a young man’s trip with his father across the mountainous backbone of Sicily. The year is 1882. Twenty years earlier his father was a Garibaldini, a citizen-soldier who fought with Garibaldi to liberate Sicily. A call...Read More

  • Anello andthe Soldiers Retuned From WW II

    Anello and the Soldiers Returned from WW II takes place in 1946. The war is over and poverty rules in rural Sicily. Giaccomino Anello is now an old man in his 80s working alone on his farm until his son returns after five years as an Italian prisoner of war in England. During the war...Read More


  • Recipes From Gloria's Restauant

    Yvonne Squadrilli, the chef at Gloria’s Restaurant in Manhattan, re-creates step by step with plenty of photos the best recipes from that small, intimate Italian restaurant. Gloria Varvaro was the founder, owner and chief troublemaker...Read More

  • More Recipes and Stories From Gloria's

    Yvonne creates more recipes from her mother’s restaurant in New York City. Once again she shows you how to perform each step in the cooking process with lots of photos so that you can succeed in pleasing everyone with these authentic recipes...Read More

Science Fiction

  • The IMP Affair

    In the near future man has expanded into the solar system to mine and exploit its assets. At the same time we are invaded by an unknown force. Who and why? The answers lie on a rocky moon of Saturn with an unlikely government agent and two aliens...Read More