• Travel Junkies III

    OThe Travel Junkies are in New Zealand tramping three days on the Kaikoura Coast Walk and five days on the Queen Charlotte Way, biking for five days on the Otago Central Rail Trail, and generally exploring the South Island, and meeting....Read More

  • Explore Alaska

    On the night before we left Bainbridge, Georgia for a canoe trip down the Noatak River in the Gates of the Arctic National Park above the Arctic Circle in Alaska, we met Barb‟s oldest son at the local fish camp. “I know you two are crazy,”...Read More

  • Australia 2000

    The Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbook Island in Australia is considered one of the world’s great hikes. We can attest to its unforgettable beauty as we walked through tropical jungle, across croc infested streams, and over craggy... Read More

  • Canada 2004

    Henry and Matthew hike through the White Goat Wilderness in the Canadian Rockies. When they’re lost for two days, they learn why few people take this trail. Crossing Cline Pass and the Brazeau River, they experience the beauty of the mountains...Read More

  • Canada 2008

    In August 2008 we hiked the Brazeau River Trail in Jasper National Park, Canada. We had intended to hike the high passes, but snow, ice, rain and freezing winds kept us to the lower elevations. Even with that disappointment...Read More

  • Iceland 1998

    Iceland is often called the Land of Ice and Fire. That seems too glib a phrase for this complex, spectacular landscape. We saw it more as the extremes of black and white. On our hike along the Thorsborne Trail we encountered steam vents next...Read More

  • Ireland 2002

    Ireland is the greenest, friendliest country we have travelled through. Our walk on the Dingle Way took us around the Southwestern Irish peninsula of Dingle from one welcome home to another. It was an enchanting journey....Read More

  • Koyukuk 2011

    The North Fork of the Koyukuk River starts high in the Brooks Range of Alaska above the Arctic Circle near the two mountains called the Gates of the Arctic. From there it descends 100 miles to meet the main Koyukuk River thirty miles...Read More

  • Missouri 2009

    In 1805 and again in 1806 the Corps of Discovery with Lewis and Clark travelled the Missouri River in eastern Montana. Our goal this year was to canoe 110 miles of the river staying in campsites used by Jefferson’s expedition. It proved to be...Read More

  • Noatak 2007

    The first 150 miles of the Noatak River lies north of the Arctic Circle and within the Gates of the Arctic National Park. This is an area of unspoiled beauty, rich in wildlife. I trusted that Barb and I had enough experience as canoeists to safely paddle a....Read More

  • Tuscany 2005

    We have long wanted to visit Florence and Tuscany. Besides playing tourist in that gift to humanity, we wanted to see the countryside. What better way to experience Italy than to walk from Florence to Siena and stay at farmhouses?....Read More

  • Utah 2001

    After the terrible, cowardly terrorist attack on innocent civilians in New York City in September, 2011, Barb and I drove across country. Partly we wanted to see how Americans reacted to this dastardly act, and partly we wanted to hike in Utah’s Canyonlands....Read More

  • 100 Miles on the South. Downs Way England

    The idea of a 100 mile walk on the South Downs Way in Southern England has been percolating in my mind for at least ten years. After our retirement from full-time work in March, 2013, Barb and I finally had the time to make a reality of this dream. The walk in England was the second part of a ...Read More