Dear Readers and Friends,

What a pleasure to hear so many wonderful comments about our first cookbook: Recipes From Gloria's Restaurant in New York City. You told us that you liked the detailed recipe descriptions with photos to help you with every step.

With that much positive energy, we decided to put together a second book of recipes from my mother's restaurant. Judy, Barbara, Henry and I once again converged on Barb's kitchen in Bainbridge, Georgia to put together more of my mother's delicious Italian recipes.

It's an odd feeling to look back half a lifetime to the days when I was a young lady with three children working for my mother. My mother and I along with Todd the waiter and Sisie the dishwasher lived in the same brownstone walk-up on Third Avenue and 28th Street - two blocks from the restaurant. And it's sad to think that there are so few people still alive who remember my mother's obsessions and craziness mixed together, like one of her recipes, with her kindness and love. In a small way, I hope these recipes keep her memory and influence alive.

A special thank you to Barb for loaning me Henry, her husband (who is also my ex-husband), to handle the logistics for this second cookbook that I want to call: More Recipes and Stories from Gloria's Restaurant in New York City. How the four of us fit together in Barb's small house with its two tiny bedrooms is a discussion for another time. Or maybe another book. (Hint: Henry likes to spend time in his woodworking shop.)

This book is divided into two sections: (1) More recipes from my mother; and (2) Stories from the restaurant.