Childrens Books

  • Tony and Wolf 1

    The Adventures of Tony and Woof* (*That's Charlie in Dog Talk) is the richly illustrated story of a young boy and his shaggy dog. They find trouble and adventure on their farm in this humorous book for children. Tony and Woof (Charlie) converse in people...Read More

  • Tony and Wolf 2

    In More Adventures of Tony and Woof our two rascals create more trouble on the farm and become lost in the woods as the sun sets and the trees darken. Can Moo-Calf rescue them? This children’s book is richly illustrated by the author...Read More


  • Glorias Plays

    Over the span of three plays you explore the mercurial relationship between Yvonne, her mother and family. Humorous and tragic, the plays shine a spotlight on the cords that hold us together from umbilicus to the straps around a casket...Read More