• 1 Ulysses Elijah - My Story

    From Thief to Wheel Chair Racer

    How A Fall From Six Stories Saved Me

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  • 1 Henry Intili
    Adventurer, Author, Healer

    Henry and his wife Barbara live in Bainbridge, Georgia. He is a nurse practitioner, and Barb was a maintenance engineer. Whatever is broken, Barb can fix. That’s a mighty useful person to have on an adventure.

    We have written on a variety of subjects, humerous and serious. Please browse our website and enjoy!
  • 1 The Odyssey of Ulysses

    My name is Ulysses Elijah. I was a thief, a drug addict, a drunk and a womanizer. Now I am a nationally ranked wheelchair racer.

    I want to share my story with you. As you read my story, I hope and pray that you, your family, friends, and partners will find it a blessing to your hearts and minds.
  • 1 Caribou antlers and the Noatak

    Our travels through the Noatak

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